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The Sparks Physical Therapy way is to have our treatments tailored to your specific condition and individual goals. On your first visit, we ask questions such as “how would you define success from physical therapy?” or “how will your ideal life look on the day that we graduate you from physical therapy?” Sparks Physical Therapy will not only cater treatments to your specific goals, but we also break down your aggravating activity(s) to assess if there is anything that can be done to allow your return to work/interests while your body is fully recovering. For example, let’s say you love to run but cannot currently run because of low back pain. In addition to selecting and doing exercises to allow you to tolerate the physical demands of running, we look to see if there are any adaptations we can make to allow you to run as much as you can while your body recovers. 

Hear from Our Patients

Sparks physical therapy has really helped my knee pain and build up my muscles. People at my work have noticed that I am walking straighter and that I have more balance when I walk. Before physical therapy at Sparks, I... read more

Sharon B.

Went to see Ashlynn for pelvic floor therapy after recently having a baby and absolutely loved her!!! One on one appointments where she takes the time to listen to everything going on and worked with me to find the perfect... read more

Jaclyn T.

I would highly recommend PT at Sparks Physical Therapy! Sessions are one on one and tailored to meet my individual needs. Brett is knowledgeable and provides me with exercises to do at home to continue my progress.

Laura O.

We highly recommend Dr. Halpert for Physical Therapy services. We traveled from out-of-state to see him for my back. He was so accommodating and thorough. The exam and recommended exercises were specially tailored to meet my needs. His suggestion of... read more

David S.

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