Dr. Ashlynn Parker graduated at the top of her class from the University of Maryland, Baltimore and earned a perfect score on the national physical therapy licensing exam. Ashlynn has extensive training in pelvic floor physical therapy through Herman & Wallace. Click here to learn more about how pelvic floor physical therapy can help with incontinence (both fecal and urinary), pelvic pain, pelvic organ prolapse, pain with intercourse, pain during and after pregnancy, diastasis recti, increased urinary frequency, constipation and more.

Ashlynn was born and raised in the Hereford Zone and is a graduate of Hereford High School. Her family has deep roots in the Hereford area, as her father, Ray Parker, graduated from Hereford High School along with five brothers and sisters.

Outside of physical therapy, Ashlynn enjoys spending time with her husband, Brett, her horse, Diva, running, hiking, and finding ways to help animals in need.

Formal Education:

  • McDaniel College, Bachelor of Arts, Major in Biology, Minor in Exercise Science
  • University of Maryland, Baltimore, Doctor of Physical Therapy