In addition to the treatments discussed above, sometimes lifestyle interventions are key for physical therapy success. This might include improving sleep hygiene, monitoring stress management, improving nutrition and/or improving recreational fitness. For example, patients who get less sleep are more likely to have increased and longer-lasting pain. This can be frustrating, especially for someone who cannot sleep because of his or her pain. In this example, we will discuss everything from your sleeping positions to your daily routine to see if there are any adjustments we can make to allow you to sleep with greater ease.

At Sparks Physical Therapy, we look far behind the tissue-level and utilize everything in our power to lessen/relieve your aches and pains in a timely-manner.

Hear from Our Patients

Sparks PT is awesome!! The staff are friendly and have excellent customer service!! Brett has helped me greatly with my recovery after surgery!! Highly recommend!!

Marla G.

Both Brett and Ashlynn are amazing! I started with Brett and when I didn’t get the relief I was expecting he asked me what other symptoms I was having and was able to refer me to Ashlynn for pelvic floor... read more

Monika S.

My experience at Sparks Physical Therapy was wonderful. The therapists were friendly and very helpful. They did not just treat me but they explained why what they are doing to help me get better. They also provided exercises for me... read more

Michal R.

They were able to see me very quickly when I was having issues with my neck. Love that they have evening hours so I don’t have to take off work and they even let my daughter come and watch Netflix... read more

Mandy V.

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