Welcome to Sparks Physical Therapy

At Sparks Physical Therapy, we specialize in treating patients with aches and pains
with NO surgeries, pills or drugs.

We provide one-on-one patient-centered physical therapy.

Find the root cause of your pain
Address the underlying root cause
Get the tools to stay pain free long term


Brett at Sparks Physical Therapy is phenomenal! I began working with him on a weekly basis after a fall down the steps injured my arm and shoulder mobility. I have already seen so much improvement. Brett is great at asking lots of questions to get your feedback on the therapy you’re receiving so you always feel comfortable with the plan and continue to improve. The facility he has curated is very clean. A positive atmosphere! Can’t recommend this place enough!
– Carter B.

Knowledgable and accommodating

I was a new patient and great experience with Brett. He was very knowledgeable and accommodating. His hands on experience was refreshing as many therapists today hand you off to their assistant and don’t give you their full experience. I would highly recommend you using his services.
– Bill S.

highly recommend

I was completely convinced nothing could be done about my back pain until I came to Sparks Physical Therapy! My situation has improved so much and each at home exercise I complete; I feel the improvement. Dr. Brett Halpert is very easy to understand, very personable, and extremely knowledgeable. If you are in need of some PT, I highly recommend coming to Sparks Therapy!
– Alex W.

best PT around

I have seen many physical therapists over the years, but I have never had the experience I have at Brett’s clinic. After being passed between doctors, it is refreshing to see someone like Brett who takes time to listen to my symptoms, explains them to me, and adjusts his treatment plan accordingly. The 1:1 care I receive there, as opposed to other PT offices, has been refreshing too as I have his complete attention. If you are looking for someone to help you navigate getting rid of pain, Brett is the best PT around.
– Linda P.

Do you accept insurance?

We accept Medicare, all Carefirst BCBS plans, Ash/Cigna, John’s Hopkins Healthcare (including Priority Partners, EHP, USFHP and AdvantageMD), All United Health Care and Optum plans, Amerigroup, Maryland’s Physician Care

What are your qualifications?

Our founder, Brett, is one of less than 20 physical therapists in the State of Maryland holding the unique distinction of being recognized as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Orthopedic Clinical Specialist and Fellow through the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy.

What sets you apart from other PT clinics?

We are committed to devoting the time needed to help patients feel better and return to pain/symptom-free living. We will not rush patients through treatments; your personal improvement is our highest priority.

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy uses a combination of non-surgical/ pharmaceutical methods to relieve pain and improve function. These include but are not limited to manual therapy, dry needling, joint manipulation and exercise.

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