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What does a pelvic health physical therapy evaluation involve?

The evaluation involves a thorough interview to gather information on what challenges you face.  We ask questions about bladder, bowel, and sexual health while also gathering information typically asked in a PT evaluation. Don’t be shy! We are more than comfortable talking about these topics and want you to be too. It is a judgment-free zone. This info will help guide the physical exam and give us a better idea of how to best help you. While internal exams (vaginal or rectal) are never required (and are sometimes contraindicated), they are often beneficial when indicated in developing the most appropriate treatment plan. If you are at all uncomfortable with having an internal exam, we will NOT perform one. And yes, we can still help you if you decline the internal exam! There is just slightly more guess work, but we will still be able to gather enough information to help get you better! If you opt for an internal exam, we use a well-lubricated finger inserted vaginally or rectally to assess muscle strength, tone, tenderness, and painful areas. We use this info to guide treatment! All pelvic floor PT sessions are conducted in a private room by Ashlynn Parker, PT, DPT.

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We define patient-centered goals as what you hope to accomplish from physical therapy. While these are typically activity-specific goals, often patients report they just wish to experience less pain.

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